Tip Sheet for Best Use of Your Guttermaster

Please read before using;

1. For cleaning your gutters, we recommend cleaning small sections at a time for best results. Attach a standard garden hose to the shut-off valve at the base of the extended Guttermaster. Starting at the downspout, point nozzle directly down into the downspout opening to ensure there are no clogs and ensure water is flowing. Once the nozzle is aimed and in place, slowly turn the water on using the convenient shut-off valve. Stand back to one side (and not directly under the gutter) to avoid getting splashed. If downspout is clogged, you may need to disassemble the downspout to clear the blockage. Once clear, turn the Guttermaster unit off and proceed to step number 2.

2. Move the Guttermaster further back from the downspout 3′ to 5′. Stand facing in the direction of the downspout holding the pole at a 10 to 15 degree angle. Ensure you aim the spray head down and along the path of the gutter. Slowly turn on the water, and walk towards the downspout, with the water spraying in the gutter in front of you. Once you reach the end, if need be, point the nozzle directly downward into the downspout opening to ensure debris is cleared. Turn the unit off. Again, move further back along the gutter another 3′ to 5′ and repeat these simple steps until you have cleaned the entire length of the gutter.

3. For cleaning windows, siding, vehicles, and more. The Guttermaster has been designed to increase the effective water pressure from your home using a reduced diameter nozzle. The water flow may be quite strong. To clean surfaces, attach appropriate brush for the task and slowly turn on the valve to soak the surface and to loosen the dirt. Turn the water off and apply cleaning solutions if needed. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

4. Do not pull the hose along using the Guttermaster pole. It is recommended to leave plenty of slack in the hose while in use. To move to another area, pull the hose with one hand, while carrying the Guttermaster in the other.

5. Cleaning Brush – DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN the brush as it may strip the threads inside the brush head. If you need to realign the brush, turn it counterclockwise and back it off until desired position is achieved.


Note: Best results will occur with regular maintenance of your gutters. The lesser the debris build up, the quicker the cleaning time. If the gutter has been neglected for some time and is full of large twigs and fresh leaves, you may need to use the tip of the Guttermaster to try to flip the large pieces out of the gutter.

Happy Cleaning… and Stay Safe and Sound on the Ground!