Estimated 500,000 Fall Off Ladders Every Year

According to various sources it is estimated that 500,000 in North America are injured every year from falling off ladders. Most are injured doing general home maintenance activities such as cleaning gutters and washing high level windows.

Our Family of Guttermaster® Wands

Classic Curved

Easily extends 5′ to 12′

Classic Straight

Easily extends 5′ to 12′

Mini Straight

Easily extends 3′ to 6′

Pro Series Curved

Easily extends 6′ to 16′

Transform your Guttermaster Wand into a versatile cleaning tool for gutters, windows, vinyl siding, RV’s, boats, cars and trucks!

The Right Brush for Every Job!

Green - Softest

For Vehicles and Boats

Blue - Medium Soft w/ Flagged End

For RV’s and larger vehicles, wheels, house siding and windows

Grey - Coarse

For decks and sidewalks

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At Select Locations

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Introducing the newest member of the Guttermaster Family... our “Flower Shower” gentle spray nozzle attachment!